The Magic of Steve Myers

Steve has been performing magic and making Maryland smile for over 25 years . Even as young as 9 Steve entertained family and friends with magic. As he entered his teen years Steve spent every Saturday at The Phil Thomas Yogi Magic Mart or The Joker's Wild Magic Shop.

Early on Steve decided to study the performers that presented the classics of magic like those of the 1940's , 50's and 60's such as Roy Benson, Cardini, Bert Allerton, Dai Vernon, Jay Marshall, John Calvert, The Blackstones, Ade Duval, Max Malini. At the advice of Dennis Haney of "Denny & Lee " Steve attended the Chavez College of manual dexterity & prestidigitation.

In 1983, after two years of study Steve received his certificate. He learned from Ben Chavez, Prestidigitation is the one branch which demonstrates skill and talent. All other magic is subservient to this art. With it, you are a MAGICIAN - - without it, you are a trickster.

For the last 20 years Steve has entertained Baltimore, and the surrounding cities with his classic presentations in every known forum. From intimate gatherings to formal & corporate events, Steve has the experience and the prestidigitation to impress you and your guests!

"Never tell the audience how good you are, they will soon find out for themselves."
Harry Houdini